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BWO releases GESCHA-2-study

Follow-up study confirms: Pile driving for offshore wind farms with no measurable effects on harbour porpoise population in the German Bight

A comprehensive study conducted by the research institutions BioConsult SH, IBL Umweltplanung and IFaOe has investigated the noise-related effects of offshore wind farm pile driving on harbour porpoises in the German Bight. In summary, it can be stated that no negative impact of the noise-mitigated construction works could be measured on the harbour porpoise population.

The Association of German Offshore Wind Farm Operators (BWO) commissioned the study “Effects of noise-mitigated offshore pile driving on harbour porpoise abundance in the German Bight 2014-2016” (in short: GESCHA 2) for ten companies of the offshore wind industry. The study builds on a broad data base of underwater noise measurements as well as aerial surveys in the German Bight between 2014 – 2016. Furthermore, the researchers incorporated the available data of a previous study from 2009 – 2013. A total of 2.557 days of data were analysed and evaluated all together.

Press release, study and appendix can be downloaded here: 

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