Offshore wind power drives the energy transition

The continuous expansion of offshore wind power is the only way to achieve the energy transition, particularly with a view to the German government’s energy and climate goals. Ultimately, offshore electricity means reliable power for the energy transition.


Electricity from offshore wind turbines is almost constantly available. According to our experience with current wind farms, offshore wind farms provide electricity 363 days a year and deliver about 4,500 full load hours annually. This means that offshore wind power provides an important contribution to stabilising power grids and ensuring a reliable supply of energy.


Offshore wind power can reliably provide large quantities of electricity if we ensure that capacities are increased in both the North and Baltic Seas. That’s because the wind conditions in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea complement each other. For example, if there is a lull over the North Sea, it is typically windy over the Baltic Sea. When power is available continuously, this provides security as well as eliminating costs for storage, balancing energy and for keeping conventional power resources available.

Stable and
economically strong

In Northern Germany, offshore wind power is an enabler of structural change. In the wake of the shipyard crisis, offshore wind power protects locations and jobs thanks to the production of components for offshore wind turbines and substations and the new role of ports as logistics centres.

Excellent technology

When it comes to exporting system and grid technology, German industry is without peer. To consolidate and expand its leadership, it needs reliable conditions in Germany.

Offshore wind power creates both value and jobs nationwide

The industry currently employs 27,000 people directly, almost half of which work in North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. A comprehensive value chain (development, construction, operation) creates additional jobs in many businesses. This means offshore wind power creates value across the nation.


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